Mana Studio

Mana Studios has the latest production and post-production facilities for TV series and Movie production with built area of 15,000 sft in Hyderabad.

For All Your Studio Needs: Mana Studio

When you talk of Telugu T.V production, you cannot miss Mana Studios. Mana Studios can easily be denoted as a pride of the industry. It is that place where an aspirant media person can look forward to have the right kind of equipments and team to put his vision into action.

A fully furnished studio with a built in area of 15000 sq ft, it provides variety of options as per requirement of the project, that includes well and modern designed sets of – hospital, middle class house, corporate office, police station, rich interiors house. Needless to say other than the sets, the equipments used are also a class amongst them that result in creating quality products. Mana Studios with its highly state-of-the art infrastructure and professional and hard working team behind it, is that place, where any creative media person would find solace while working.

360° view


Dining Hall

Doctors Room



Mid Class House

Office Reception

Police Station